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18.00 + 20.30




15/10 €

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*The event Sanctuary of Slavery consists of two parts that will be held in two different places and at two different times of the evening.
The first partI'm Singing Black, starts at 18.00 and takes place in the streets of Silandro. This event is free and the meeting point is scheduled at the Schlandersburg Library, Via Castello di Silandro 6.
The second partTwice the first Time, is held at 20.30 in Vezzano, at the hangar Mair Joseph, production area Vezzano 14. Entry requires the payment of a ticket.


📎18.00 - meeting point at Biblioteca Schlandersburg, Via Castello Di Silandro 6

⋰ Curated by Gianpaolo Chiriacò

Slavery has been a big part of the human experience. Modern States were based on slavery. Slavery exists even today, as part of the contemporary system of exploitation. Modern human conditions resemble a new version of slavery: instead of people selling us or renting us out we rent out ourselves. Also, we respond to the modern movement of people by limiting them and erecting new sanctuaries of slavery.

“I’m Singing Black” is a performance, created by refugees and asylum seekers based in South Tyrol, that includes choir singing, storytelling, videos and a marching band. It explores the power of voice. To escape slavery, one has to embark on a journey without maps. The only guides are voices that tell us stories, that support and accompany.



📎20.30 - Vezzano, Capannone Mair Joseph, Zona produttiva Vezzano 14

Napoleon Maddox voice, concept
DJ Menas  · Eddy Kwon violin 
Erik Sevret saxophone 
Sorg Beat maker, macchine 
Ease, video 
Brent Olds bass 
D’Anna Kennedy drums

While revealing the narrative of two conjuncted twins, born in slavery in the 19th century United States, “Twice the First Time” addresses contemporary issues of discrimination, identity, and divisive societies. The work is the result of a two-year project in which Napoleon Maddox led several workshops in America, France, and Italy, elaborating on the idea that we are slaves of our own identity.

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