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Forte di Fortezza

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◎ Michael Fliri ◎

⧖ World Premier 


Rafael Krötz Foto & Video 
Koen Vermeulen Sound

Produced by Transart
Courtesy the artist and Galleria Raffaella Cortese


Polymorphic Archetypes is an audiovisual installation, consisting of three video projectors used to simulate the shadow puppetry technique. The filtered light from the transparent bodies makes the shadows have an almost tridimensional effect, which surprisingly looks like a digitally created image. This is how a dialectic relationship between light and shadow, analogue and digital, archaic and contemporary is created.
The overlapping of different layers creates a scene reminiscent of the collage technique.
This continuous overlapping and duality finds a constant counterpoint in the sounds generated live by the Belgian musician, Koen Vermeulen.
Michael Fliri’s work makes us question our ways of understanding the archetypes and investigates the training process of identity. In doing so the artist takes the symbolic cue of the mask. What happens when you mask a mask, when a mask is overlapped over another one and then another one again and these layers get mixed up and absorb into one another?
Like in Plato’s cave metaphor it raises the question on what stays hidden, what is hidden behind what is visible?


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