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For Indigenous Yeasts and other Microbes (ACT II)


Castel Ganda

Piganò 19
39057 Appiano



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Islands Songs (Nicolas Perret e Silvia Ploner) & Charlemagne Palestine
For Indigenous Yeasts and other Microbes (ACT II)


⧖ World Premier


Performance by Charlemagne Palestine, the American composter and artist, with electronic instruments, piano, and vocals.
The performance of the hero from the scene Minimal American, who defines himself as a maximalist. The artistic duo, Islands Songs invite Charlemagne Palestine to do a joint performance. His act will be in reaction to the sound environment the music duo creates and dedicated to the active microorganisms in the fermentation of wine. Recordings of the performance will be subsequently readapted by Islands Songs and will be played with a barrel of wine at Thomas Niedermayr’s winery.
We are curious to discover the “audible quality” of the 2018 harvest.
In collaboration with ar/ge kunst within the context of the exhibit “Songs to you about you” by the duo Islands Songs (Nicolas Perret & Silvia Ploner). In collaboration with the winemaker Thomas Niedermayr


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