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20:30 - 01:00

Centro recupero MPS di Brunico

Via Pueland 1
39031 Brunico



20/15 €

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*The event consists in three different acts along the whole night, from 8.00 pm untill 1.00 am.

◎ DOLOMIEU - transpressured ◎
Sissa Micheli

Sissa Micheli Progetto artistic direction
Rondon Marcos Remix & sound design
Adam Demetz, Martina Rier, Sabina Montesel, Roman Valentini e Gregor Pasolli singers & performers 
⫸ Georg Malfertheiner original music 


Herman Kolgen

Recto-Verso, Herman Kolgen Production
Herman Kolgen Visual / Music
Lucas Paris, Pipo, Julien Coll Coding + Electronics


How can the impact of a violent act be emphasized in front of an audience? Can violence be transcended and made sublime? Herman Kolgen tries to find answers to this question with his new artwork, Impakt. On the stage a massive ballistic machine hits a target with some bullets. The speed, the trajectory and the impact of the bullets are analysed in real time and transmitted to a virtual body projected in space, making visible the effects of the shots received.
Through manipulation tactics live on stage Kolgen gradually eliminates the extreme violence and the imminent destruction by putting the body in a state of suspension, absent of weight becoming lighter and creates poetic grace.



A prelude di e con AC/BOY

AC/BOY aka Marcos Rondon has resided in Vienna since 2002. Performing under the artistic names Van Monte and AC/Boy, Rondon's main work is as an electronic sound artist producer and manager of Hekura Records. He has worked in various projects for theater and contemporary dance as a performer, artist in residence, and sound designer at institutions such as Tanzquartier, MAK Vienna, Kulturhauptstadt Linz ‘09, Brut, Wiener Konzerthaus, FAMUFEST (Prague), The Kitchen (New York City), Pohoda Festival … AC/BOY set are full of Cracking-Bass-frequencies and atmospherically dense ambient textures followed by unexpected breaks responses to square kicks techno drums . AC/BOY music is based on the underlying recording of different sound materials and re-sample in beats made from fragments of memories or done by anything you can imagine ! … voices of snakes and techno dance floor …


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