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NOI Techpark

Via A. Volta 13
39100 Bolzano



20/15 €

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⧖ World Premier
50 - 60 min 


Matteo Levaggi, Samantha Stella, mdi ensemble concept  

Matteo Levaggi in collaborazione con i danzatori choreography 

Samantha Stella costumes & stage design

mdi ensemble

Paolo Casiraghi clarinet 

Lorenzo Gentili-Tedeschi violin 

Paolo Fumagalli viola 

Giorgio Casati cello 

Luca Ieracitano piano 


Gloria Dorliguzzo, Marta Papaccio, Valeria Zampardi, Alberto Garcia Aymar, Eugenio Micheli dancers 

Crises, a title borrowed from the 1960 famous creation by Merce Cunningham, brings to the stage musical work by composers who are among the most innovative and experimental in the musical avant-guard scene, like Francesco Filidei and Simon Steen-Andersen, as well as protagonists from historical and contemporary periods and amongst the most contradictory and revolutionary of the history of modern music and of our days, such as Helmut Lachenmann and Sylvano Bussotti.
A project that intends to go beyond the limits of a traditional concert or of a theatrical performance, by allowing music, dance and visual arts to intermingle, to switch roles, to merge the boundaries that separate them and that makes them feel like a stand-alone entity. The nature of avant-guard music, which is often theatrical and gestural in Crises becomes a precious unifier for joint reflection. Therefore, a free-spirited production is born, a show that is created through three different performative languages: post- ballet, dance, music, and theater. This mix of contemporary art uses a vocabulary that gives us the possibly to see ahead of our time.


⋯ Francesco Filidei: Esercizio di Pazzia II für vier Aufführende/per quattro esecutori
⋯ Sylvano Bussotti: Per tre für drei Aufführende/per tre esecutori
⋯ Helmut Lachenmann: Guero für Klavier/per pianoforte solo
⋯ Simon Steen-Andersen: Study for Strings N.1 für Streichertrio/per trio d’archi
⋯ Iannis Xenakis: Charisma für Klarinette und Violoncello/per clarinetto e violoncello
⋯ Mauricio Kagel: Ludwig Van für Ensemble/per ensemble

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