The Magic Power of the North - Vigilius Mountain Resort

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Vigilius Mountain Resort

39011 Lana


🚃 The performance will start at 7.00 pm. To ensure your arrival in time it is advisable to take the cable car that goes from Lana to Monte San Vigilio no later than 6.30 pm. HERE you will find detailed information on timetables.



📎The evening is characterized by a performative and a musical part, connected by the magic of the North High.


The Tour

by The Icelandic Love Corporation

a performance in five parts, 40'


Come and experience the unique natural phenomenon The Icelandic Love Corporation in the beautiful settings of Vigilius resort. By setting up the necessary gear and equipment, ILC has created a tour that opens the door to a new world. To be able to experience the wonder, all you need is the willingness to let go of your ego and have the guts to descend into to a performance of your life time. A cable lift will take you through a breathtaking scenery, to the resort where you will experience, get to know and take part in a unique art work with The Icelandic Love Corporation. Fitness level: No knowledge of hiking and climbing. There might be some uneven surfaces but the tour guarantees no pressure or heart attacks. All you need is your good sense of humour and fun level and you should keep in mind that there is nothing to be afraid of, everything will be ok. ILC will be with you during all times after you enter the performance and will guide you through each moment of rituals and mantras. There is no age limit and the tour is ok for all physical shapes and types. You will want to remember this trip. Yes, you can take as many pictures as you want! And last but not least bring your good spirit and remember this tour is about having a good moment.




Ensemble Adapter

· Páll Ívan frá Eiðum, Þjóðlag (per clarinetto basso e secchio), 3’
· Simon Steen-Andersen, History of my Instrument (per arpa, video e riproduzione), 10‘
· Jesper Pedersen, Neues Werk (per flauto, clarinetto, arpa, batteria, video ed elettronica), 10‘
· Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson, Kvartett (per tre fiati e uno strumento a pizzico), 7‘
· Haukur Þór Harðarson, Neues Werk (per flauto, clarinetto, arpa, batteria), 10‘
· Simon Løffler,b (per effetti pedali, luci al neon e un cavo allentato), 8‘


The fascination regarding the north has something to do with the concept of periphery: far from civilization, big urban conglomerates, in the midst of inhospitable lands vexed by an inclement climate. The free spirits of thinking and making art gives birth to work of seductive beauty. 

The concept of “new” in the culture has a different quality, more primitive compared to elsewhere, and more free from the usual artistic trends. Iceland is the focus of the program,  THE MAGIC POWER OF THE NORTH. Iceland is known as the arctic outpost that manages to succeed without psychiatrists and whose belief in fairies is written in their DNA. Music by different composers will be performed, partly by the Ensemble Adapter and partly by the celandic Love Corporation, duo in the fairy scenery of Monte San Vigilio. Take the cable car to reach the Vigilius Mountain Resort and get spiritually closer to the Arctic. 

🍜At the end of the concert Stube ida at  Vigilius Mountain Resort will be open for a delicious dinner.
📎10€ cable car ticket included



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