©Jan Lauwers & Grace Ellen Barkey, Cofounders of Needcompany. Photo by Phile Deprez
All the Good - Officine FS

Archive: Transart 19


Transart Opening


Officine FS

Via Macello 24
39100 Bolzano






A Jan Lauwers &  Needcompany Production


⧖ Italian Premiere
🔞Rated X


· Jan LauwersText, direction, set  
· Maarten Seghers, Music
· Lot Lemm, Costumes 
· Elke Janssens, Dramaturgy 
· Ken Hioco, Technical Director, Lighting Design, set
· Marjolein Demey, Production Management 

with Grace Ellen Barkey, Romy Louise Lauwers, Victor Lauwers, Jan Lauwers, Sarah Lutz, Benoît Gob, Elik Niv, Yonier Camilo Mejia, Jules Beckmann, Simon Lenski, Maarten Seghers, Elke Janssens


“(…) Brexit, Trump, Erdoğan, the abuse of our planet, the terror of an expansive economy, the loss of solidarity – those have to be dealt with politically. But the poetry of arts has to provide for the humanity.”

Jan Lauwers


All the good tells a story about loss and hope. A love story at a time in which Europe is sacrificing its values and a large group of people are succumbing to hate and incomprehension. The story of a family of artists with their everyday cares and the omnipresent death, which mercilessly imposes itself both in the seclusion of their home and in the outside world. In 2014 Jan Lauwers met the Israeli elite soldier and war veteran Elik Niv who, following a serious accident and a long rehabilitation process, became a professional dancer. They had long discussions about his military operations and his development as a dancer in the safely subsidised world of the living arts in Germany. It was during these conversations that the bombs exploded at Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station.



⋰ In partnership with:

Croatian National Theatre “Ivan pl. Zajc” Rijeka - Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture


⋰ A Coproduction with:

Festival Reims Scènes d'Europe
Concertgebouw Brugge
La Colline Paris


⋰ In Copresentation with:

Zürcher Theater Spektakel
Teatro Central de Sevilla
Kaaitheater Brussel
Toneelhuis Antwerpen
Malta festival Poznań
Festival Theaterformen Hannover/Braunschweig
NT Gent


⋰ With the support of:

⫸ Belgian Federal Government’s Tax Shelter and the Flemish Authorities


⋰ Tax Shelter financing:

⫸ uFund  nv, Melissa Thomas, Christel Simons

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