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Alperia Tower

Lungo Isarco Destro 25
39100 Bolzano



20/15 €

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 ⫸ hand werk


Andreas Eduardo Frank Table Talk, for 2 performers, transducers, switches and video
Sam Pluta Switches, for amplified cello and drumset
Cathy Van Eck Wings, for big white shields, three microphones, one loudspeaker and three performers
Tobias Hagedorn 3Bit, für 3 elektronische Instrumente
Simon Løffler b, for 3 musicians, 3 neonlights, effectpedals and a loose jack cable
Luis Antunes Pena Tracking Noise #4, for three performers and electronics
Sergej Maingardt SMOG, for 4 players and electromagnetic coils



⫸ Stefano Bernardi concept & live electronics

⫸ Andrea Polato drums


⧖   World Premier


The advancement of technology brings with it the inevitable forgetting of every product of progress. The electronics from the 80s, amplifiers and sound modulators that were welcomed at the time as precursors of a bright future, today are replaced by the digital world and the obsession of binary codes, and are now all seen as shipwrecks from an obsolete past. The colony collective, hand werk brings back these technological historic breakthroughs to the attention of the contemporary public, taking the role as “analogical explorers” attacking these devices and freeing sounds that are able to literally electrify the listener. Stefano Bernardi takes a further step back in music history and with a compression process he brings the sound and visuals of the Wassermusik of Telemann to a boiling point. Here the energy becomes literally palpable.


⫸ DJ Set by Mattia Lorenzi



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